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Two Feet And A Heart Beat

Just like our brand ambassadors, a little (or a lot) of rain won’t stop a passionate marathon runner. That is exactly what they showed us on May 20th, 2023 during the Brooklyn Half Marathon. Over 25,000 runners took part and completed the over 13-mile route on a day that saw a bit more rain than one would hope for! Touring through Prospect Park to Coney Island, it was an exciting and view filled run for participants.

G of G Inc brand ambassadors were excited to be a part of the RBC Brooklyn Half Pre-Party presented by New Balance. Not only did New Balance have gear specifically branded for this year’s half marathon available, but they had the party going for three days to pump everyone up in preparation for the main event on the Saturday. Runners visited the pre-party to pick up their race materials, watch some live entertainment, check out the new gear and walk through some photo op moments which is where they found our brand ambassadors.

Being a part of a marathon like this is such a monumental memory in a person’s running career, so our brand ambassadors made sure they had a picture perfect snapshot to go along with it. The pre-party was held in Brooklyn Bridge Park, with gorgeous views of Manhattan and it was an overall amazing gathering of runners, their loved ones supporting them, and some awesome brands providing support and entertainment too!

If you are interested in joining the G of G Inc roster in your city so that you can take part in amazing activations such as the RBC Brooklyn Half Pre-Party, we want to hear from you! Check out the apply now tab on our website to set up a phone interview in order to receive emails for your region.

If you are looking for brand ambassadors to amplify your next event, let’s chat! Do you need some energetic greeters, event photographers, or even just a few extra sets of hard-working hands to act as production assistants? G of G Inc has you covered. Reach out to for more info on pricing and availability.

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