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The Special Events Show

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Earlier in March, the G of G Inc office team packed their bags and headed to a fantastic conference in Las Vegas. For a conference focusing on special events, parties, and gala’s, we could not think of a better city to be the host! The Special Event Show + Catersource was held in Mandalay Bay and brought together people from all corners of the event world. They call themselves the “premier destination where all event professionals gather to network, learn, experience and explore together”. And that we did!

G of G Inc was founded by Jennifer who has successfully run her business for over 10 years, so it was important that we attended one of the most interesting talks, featuring 4 female entrepreneurs. The panel consisted of a catering company owner, an event planner, an event planning online platform creator, and a floral design company owner. It was extremely motivating to hear their stories as well as to see the level of success that their hard work and motivation brought them to. They discussed how they overcame their difficult periods, what it is like being a female CEO and gave some great suggestions to fellow female entrepreneurs in the room when they opened up the chat for questions from the audience.

Walking the aisles in the tradeshow hall was sparkly, bubbly, flashy, yummy and entertaining! There were some amazing exhibitors that are completely ahead of the game when it comes to their products and services and it was really quite inspiring. From food and beverage vendors, to inflatables and photo booths, to models and acrobats, there was always something exciting to look at. We look forward to bringing some of these amazing ideas to life in Canada along side our awesome partners.

The conference threw a few events to allow their exhibitors and vendors to put in action what they’re best at. These events had an experience or station every few steps so there was always something interactive to do. From edible balloons, to drinks with your face printed on them, to a photo op with Vegas showgirls.

We are so thankful for the opportunity to have attended this show just before Covid-19 began to have large impacts on everyday life and look forward to attending in future years. Seeing the passion that everyone in the event industry has truly put a smile on our faces, and we can’t wait for this storm to pass and put into action everything we have learned. Though we returned home to a large change in our industry we are hopeful for a return to some normalcy over the next few months, and to connect with all our new friends from the show!

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