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The Champs Are Here

Sporting events bring together people of all ages from all over the country. You can’t deny that this would be the perfect opportunity host a sampling event, street team, or experiential activation in order to reach and engage with a greater number of potential customers in short period of time! Many of our clients have taken advantage of playoff crowds and home opener crowds to do just that.

In case you missed it, though not sure if that is possible, the Raptors won their first NBA championship in June of 2019. Last week was their home opener during which the team was awarded their championship rings and the championship banner was revealed. Not only was the stadium packed, but bars across the country were also filled to the brim. The G of G Inc team was all up in the action at Shoeless Joe’s sampling J.P. Wiser’s Old Fashioned Whisky Cocktail. This product is a ready-to-serve cocktail which is super easy to prepare.

1) Pour over ice

2) Stir

3) Add an orange peel (if desired)

It is that easy! How often do you find yourself itching for a tasty cocktail but open your liquor cabinet and fridge to find that you are missing a key ingredient or two? Even if you have everything, drinks never seem to taste quite as good as when a professional bartender serves it to you. Now you can be your own bartender with this easy and convenient ready to go bottle.

Toronto FC has also showed the world what Canadian sports team can do by making it into the payoffs this month. El Jimador is the Official Tequila Sponsor of the Canadian Premier League as well as Major League Soccer (MLS). Not only can you see their branding all over the stadium’s, but you can also see our brand ambassador team on site representing the top selling tequila. In addition to that, various bar accounts across the city have hosted El Jimador sponsored viewing parties for some of the most anticipated games. The playoffs are no different. Our team of brand ambassadors and bartenders can be found at Brazenhead in Toronto pumping up the patrons, shaking up some margarita’s and maybe even whooping some butt in foosball. This is party you do not want to miss out on!

Are you an energetic, outgoing and friendly individual looking for some fun work? Can you not help but be excited when the season comes for your favourite sport? If so, we want to hear from you! Email with a resume and 3 photos. If you are looking for brand ambassadors, bartenders, or promotional models for any upcoming sporting event or party, email for availability and pricing!

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