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Spring Has Sprung

Spring has sprung and that means warmth and sunshine are just around the corner! What goes well with great weather and the outdoors? Pop-up shops and outdoor activations!

While we still do outdoor activations in the cooler weather, (GO TEAM!), we can’t deny that outdoor summer events are just one of the best things about being a brand ambassador.

Over the years, our clients have allowed our team to bring their ideas to life. We have activated by foot, by bike, by scooter, and by car. We also have activated pop-up shop style events. At these pop-ups, clients create a store front in which customers can temporarily buy products in a space they normally wouldn’t be able to.

One of our most memorable street (or should I say scoot) teams was the green team! Our Perrier brand ambassadors scooted around town on branded scooters, dressed in green, bringing samples to people enjoying the outdoors in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

We also created a bike gang (not a biker gang, because this one consisted of a big fuzzy bear) to travel around to busy parks as well as music festivals to promote a refreshing new wine.

Although this next activation was done on foot, there was nothing simple about it. To promote a series of extravagant events in Toronto, our team was professionally made up in hair, makeup and costumes and roamed the streets of Toronto, catching EVERY SINGLE EYE that they passed. How could you not stop and look at this enchanting street team!?

Most recently, our team was a part of the LG Second Life Vintage Clothing Swap which popped up to multiple spots across the USA. These pop-up shops consisted of a store where people could donate and purchase secondhand clothes as well as an LG product display.

We are always looking for new brand ambassadors to join our team. If you do not have experience specifically as a brand ambassador, that is okay! Do you have a friendly and personable demeanor? Do you have retail and sales experience? How about experience in customer service or in hospitality? All these skills are 100% transferable to being an amazing brand ambassador. Email with a resume and 3 recent photos to join the email roster today!

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