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Safety First

Safety first!

During the Covid-19 pandemic, health and safety is a commonly discussed topic. Not only are we assessing safety when selecting what activities to do, but we are also adding new habits into daily living to assure that we go about everyday tasks in the safest manner possible. One of the biggest changes is wearing masks daily. At G of G Inc., we have been running a mystery shop program coast to coast. To abide by indoor retail rules in Canada, our staff are all wearing masks during each visit, as well as maintaining physical distance between the store clerks and other shoppers. We also have a pre-shift screening survey that all staff are completing before heading out for the day, to assist with contact tracing should anything arise. The more we abide by the instructions laid out to us by the government, the sooner we can get to the light on the other side of the tunnel!

Regarding safety, there was a situation that occurred this summer that we think is important to acknowledge again, as a reminder that internet safety is equally as important. On various job board websites (Kijiji, Craigslist, etc.) a user was misleading people who contacted him by pretending to be a partner with/employee at G of G Inc. We want to remind all current brand ambassadors/promotional models or those looking to get into the promo field to be extremely cautious when applying as well as during any other important email/online communication (such as sending in a time sheet with confidential or personal info). Always double check that the email you are corresponding with ends with Anyone contacting you from our team will have an email from this domain.

Once in person activations come back more frequently, there are a few ways to keep safe while on site too. Always let a friend or family member know where you are working. Since many activations take part in the evening/at night, be aware when parking. Try to find a well-lit lot close by so that you are not walking far alone after your shift is done. Always check in and out for your shift with your coordinator so that your whereabouts are accounted for. Make sure your phone is charged before work, and while charging your phone, take some extra time to pack for your shift (so you don’t forget your PPE, comfortable footwear for getting to and from your shift, and anything else you need to feel comfortable). If at any time during a shift you feel uncomfortable or that something is “off”, always tell someone whether it is your on-site contact, or your booking agent. We are always available for you to call us during your shift. Excuse yourself to the bathroom and give us a call. Since you likely will not have your purse on your person, do not bring anything you do not need with you, as bags are often kept in an office. Bring your own water bottle to stay hydrated or if that is not an option, do not drink anything that you have not seen served or poured for you directly. Though some of these things seem obvious, it is important to remember these little habits to create the safest and most comfortable work environment for yourself.

Your safety is our number one priority as we always want everyone to have a great experience working with G of G Inc.

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