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Ring The Alarm - We Are Back At Live Events

After 2 tough years in the experiential marketing industry, the team at G of G Inc was so excited to be back together and head to sunny California for Catersource + The Special Event Tradeshow! This tradeshow brings together the top players in the catering and event world, while creating an atmosphere of inspiration for those looking to better themselves and their teams in this field.

Our team spent the days there listening to keynote speakers who taught about how to create a team environment and retain staff, how to keep on trekking through the remainder of the pandemic and come out on top, and what our teams need to know as we return to large scale in person events. The show also provided the opportunity for attendees to schedule one on one meetings with their favorite speakers (ours was from Toronto, so our Toronto team had a taste of home while there) and that was an amazing feature of the show. It is always great to listen and learn from the best, but even better to take it to the next level and have a one-on-one consultation.

When we returned from the show, we decided that it would be a great idea to connect with our amazing roster and see what special talents and interests they have! We know that your profile states certifications in fields such as alcohol and cannabis training, but we know our roster has talents and skills that go way beyond that! Are you a certified yoga instructor, has your passion in arts allowed you to create an art installation for a local festival, or do you have the need for speed and love racing cars on the weekend? We want to know! When we can connect a client to a brand ambassador who has a true passion for the product or industry, they are on site representing, we feel that our job is complete! We also feel that when you are on site representing something you are passionate about, you feel a sense of fulfillment from your day of work with us as well! The connection between staff, brand and the end customer become easy when there is an organic match between them all.

If you feel you have some interesting and exciting personal details that you would like added into your profile, please send over a short blurb explaining it. We love to learn about our staff so we can best represent you and we look forward to learning more about each and every one of you! If you have other details that you would like to update as well, feel free to reach out (for example location, phone number, preferred email etc.) and we can update this info in your profile.

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