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Pour Some Summer On Us! Our Summer Highlights!

As the summer is coming to an end (sigh), we always like to take a look back at some of our most memorable and exciting events that filled our teams’ summer with fun.

Rock The Park – London, ON

This was our second year working this music festival with and the fact that not only did the client request repeat staff, but the staff requested to work it again, we know it was a weekend to remember! There was a very wide range of performers from Old Dominion, to Snoop Dogg, to Pitbull meaning the crowd was made of guests of all ages. Our team was able to interact and create a positive experience with the brand, while giving out swag, facilitating a mechanical bull, overseeing the relaxing lounge, and helping out at the charging station. If you went to this outdoor musical festival, I am sure you saw our team turning the park green!

The Fitzroy: Dress Rental Magic with Jack Daniels – Toronto, ON

These events brought a little bit of extra glamour into our lives. If you are not familiar with The Fitzroy, you should be Googling them right now! They allow you to browse dresses online, come in for a fitting, pick up your dress and then rock your frock before finally returning it. This way, your closet isn’t full of one-time wear gowns, and your wallet isn’t empty 😉 Our team would visit the store almost every Saturday, and mix cocktails for guests to enjoy while perusing the endless options. The bonus – they got to wear some of their beautiful pieces.

CK National Underwear Day – New York, NY

This title is fairly self explanatory. August 5th, 2019 was National Underwear Day. Who else has better undergarments than the one and only Calvin Klein! Yes, they are comfy, and yes they have some great (looking) models, but this day is about making the first thing you put on in the morning, a great start to your day! Our team worked together visiting three hot spots in New York City, engaged with crowds, and even passed out ice creams and free product. I can only imagine how busy these crowds would have been. We love working alongside the CK crew and can’t wait for our next exciting event.

Black Diamond Cheesestrings Activations – Toronto, ON and Montreal, QC

Working with Cheesestrings has brought us to several festivals so far this summer including a number of youth focused events. These allow our brand ambassadors to bring out their fun and silly sides, interacting with youngsters and their families, printing out personalized Cheesestring products. Some activations even got a visit from Cheesy himself, so kids got a chance to take photos with the famous mascot. Now all that was left to do was, SAY CHEESE!

Meantime Pale Ale – Toronto, ON and Burlington, ON

You may not yet be familiar with this beer, but with all the recent on-premise events they have been hosting, you soon will be. Meantime Brewery is the UK’s first craft brewery and currently is only available in select pubs and bars. With citrus flavours, a bitter finish, and a GOLD Medal from the World Beer Cup, you might want to visit our team at any of the following venues to try it out. You can order Meantime Pale Ale, and possibly even run into our sampling team, at The Fortunate Fox, Brazen Head, 416 Snack Bar, and Pepperwood Bistro in Burlington/Toronto, along with most The Royal Oak locations across Ontario.

Barefoot Wine & Bubbly at Sunfest – Lake Cowichan, BC

A few brand ambassadors from our Vancouver team were booked to travel to the island to bring the Barefoot fun and energy to Sunfest Country Music Festival. Full of hotel stays, and long days, these girls truly embodied what Barefoot Wine & Bubbly is known for – a fun and friendly interaction, with a philanthropic side. Barefoot is all about giving back to the community and donates more than half a million glasses of wine at events every year. Some memorable acts at this festival were Jason Aldean, Maren Morris, and Kip Moore (for any country aficionado who may be reading this and is looking for their next festival to attend).

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