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How to Plan to 2020

Planning ahead!

With a new year comes a chance to set some new goals for yourself. Whether personally or professionally, it is a great time to jump start and implement some new practises to improve yourself and your life!

One way to ease the stress of day to day life and work is through remaining organized and planning. Utilizing your calendar app on your phone is a given, but there are also some other apps that can help with organizing and staying on top of your schedule, which as a brand ambassador we know can become very busy! This way, you don’t miss any important details that allow you to do your best at work.

ActiveInbox (an app that helps you manage your inbox, getting your unopened emails down to 0 but also allowing you to create and turn any emails that need further action into a task)

Todoist (a to do list app)

Wunderlist (also a to do list app)

While you’re creating your to do list, why not boost the power of your profile by acquiring additional certifications! Add them to your to do list and greaten your window of work opportunities. Some other tips to be the best brand ambassador you can be are to always review emails top to bottom (they may look like a template that you get every week but there are very often updates within), update your resume with all your skills and traits that make you unique, mark the G of G Inc emails as safe so that you always receive every email blast, and stay on top of your paperwork/submit it on time. The apps can totally help with a few of the items on that list!

Our awesome clients can make their lives easier and create seamless bookings too by updating their account coordinator with dates and times as soon as they are confirmed, providing as much detail as possible (more is better – we would rather have a team of over prepared brand ambassadors), and keeping an open line of communication! Spring and summer are quickly approaching, and brand ambassadors have already begun mapping out their summer work plans so the more in advance you are booking, the greater the talent you are able to secure.

Do you have new photos, an updated resume or a recently acquired certificate you would like to add to your profile? Email to do so. If you are looking for brand ambassadors or promotional models for an upcoming event or activation, email for pricing and availability.

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