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Hello 2021!

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

2021 has not brought a whole lot of certainty when it comes to looking to the future. Here at G of G Inc, we are always trying to stay positive and be proactive, but we cannot deny the fact that daily life has changed drastically. Some everyday topics we find ourselves discussing are of course, the Covid-19 global pandemic, our best work from home practices, cleaning products we swear by, home fitness motivation, immune boosting recipes and habits to maintain mental health. We have compiled a collection of a little bit of everything to help you make the best of lockdown, take 2!

Soups, salads, and snacks – click the photo below for some yummy recipes incorporating immunity boosting ingredients like turmeric, yogurt, ginger, and broccoli.

Our cleanest Kardashian writes about less harsh household cleaners here.

With so many smart watches on the market, we learn their capabilities are constantly increasing. The Fitbit has a “relax” option which leads you through guided breathing sessions. Remembering to take a moment and focus on one thing can do wonders for maintaining a clear and level head. Controlled breathing can also result in lower blood pressure and less stress and anxiety. This is easy to do while at your desk or on the go, as it is always on your wrist.

Click the photo below for an article with tips for those new to the WFH lifestyle, families with children, people without an actual office/setup, how to maximize breaks and more!

For many people the gym is a sanctuary, and in many cities, gyms have been closed for weeks or even months. Not only did we have to get into a new routine and mindset having to work out from home or in the outdoors, we need to be able to complete our workout with minimal space and equipment. This article will help with motivating you to start and stick to a routine. Following that are two Instagram accounts to some of our favourite, motivational at home workout programs/creators.

Our CEO, Jennifer, loves to take Sundays to herself. She indulges in a good face mask, a good book and a good Sunday dinner. She also enjoys taking walks in the park with her dog. It is the most important to do what you find relaxing to clear your mind.

Above all, it is important to continue to learn and be aware of the changes surrounding the ongoing pandemic and the vaccine rollout. Continuing to be informed about what actions we can take to navigate these unsure times, and learning from trusted resources, is one of our best tactics to fight against Covid-19.

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