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Updated: Feb 18, 2022

If you weren’t already aware of them, Universal Standard is a women’s clothing line perfect for everybody and every body. Their philosophy is based around universal sizing with the idea that “if the average woman wears a size 18, then that should be called a Medium, right? [They] thought that conventional sizing seemed a little skewed, so [they] decided to shift the spotlight to reflect the real bell curve.” Shopping for clothes should be the same experience for all and everyone should feel represented. We loved their attitude and way of thinking and were so excited for the opportunity that was given to our team. Read on to find out how this clothing brand shook things up last weekend in LA.

For a brand wanting to make a big splash with their inclusive messaging, why not take part in one of the biggest days of the year – the Super Bowl! G of G Inc brand ambassadors partnered up with a dance crew decked out head to toe in favorites from Universal Standard’s product line. If you were tailgating or at a happening spot in LA that weekend, you saw us! Our flash mob travelled venue to venue, performing for passerby’s, dancing and cheering, all while promoting the inclusiveness that Universal Standard stands by. With a dance crew choregraphed by Jemel McWilliams (who has worked with Lizzo and other amazing artists) and a team full of glam and vigor, we were hard to miss.

We love working alongside brands that are passionate about what they believe it. Our team had an amazing time being a part of such a memorable and positive activation – and to top it all off, the home team won!

If you are interested in working unforgettable activations such as this, email We are always looking to add fresh faces and lots of energy our team so if you have that wow-factor, we want to hear from you! If you’re looking add a little bit of extra oomph into your next event, contact for availability and pricing.

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