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Everything You Need To Be A Doll

We understand that keeping up with the latest trends can be hard, expensive and you can run out of room in your closet. As a brand ambassador, what if a client is requesting something you don’t have in your closet? Our founder, Jennifer, decided to help you out. We have founded The Dolls Closet which is a subscription rental site. We have partnered with brands like Levis, Amanda Uprichard, Motel Rocks and more.

So - How does it work?

· Your first month is free.

· After that, your subscription is only $50 a month.

· You can exchange your boxes as many times per month as you want, there is no limit. Enjoy free shipping both ways. A prepaid bag is included in every box.

· Switch up your look all month long with unlimited box exchanges, free dry cleaning, and free shipping.

· Receive your items to wear for as long as you’d like, then return when you’re ready for more.

· You can have up to 4 items in your possession at one time.

· No laundry! Simply wear, return, and leave the rest to us. Dry cleaning service is always included.

· Love your item? You can purchase it for up to 40% off retail.

· Other benefits? Free exchanges, free shipping, free dry cleaning.

· Subscriptions helps the planet with sustainable fashion.

· You can prioritize styles so we know to send those first.

· Return notify! As soon as you notify us of your return, we will prepare your next box.

· Save for later! Bookmark pieces you want to rent later by moving them to On Hold.

· New items are added every week! Get first dibs on the latest looks and seasonal trends with fresh styles added weekly.

· Unlimited looks for one price. Always have something new to wear with access to an endless wardrobe for one flat monthly fee.

· Need an item right away? The Dart feature makes planning ahead easy! Select the exact pieces in your next box for a small fee.

· Refer your friends and get $10 off your next month.

Sign up below and receive your first box!

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