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A New Normal

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

A “new normal”. It is a term we have been hearing a lot of over the last few weeks, and each of us are working through determining what this means to us. The “new normal” applies to many things in our day to day lives, including our work life. As various provinces and states in North America progress forward into different phases, we thought we would discuss what our new normal here at G of G Inc will be!

Protective wear – If mandated in your region, you MUST always wear a mask while on site. If it is not mandated in your region, we still highly recommend you wear a mask and will provide an expense allowance for it. G of G Inc will be working closely with all of their clients to ensure that the safety of our staff, and those we interact with, is of utmost importance. In any circumstances where PPE and other items such as sanitizer are not provided, we will provide an expense allowance for this. Further specifics would be included in any booking email.

Waivers – You may have noticed that a salon, restaurant, bank or other retailer has gathered some info from you (name, cell phone, date and time of attendance) or even asked a few screening questions. Staff will be required to acknowledge and sign a document addressing screening questions prior to their activation.

On site protective measures – Proactive handwashing before, during and after shifts is just as important as ever if not more. Check out the link below for an exact step by step guide of the most effective methods, and data points discussing the importance of proper hand washing habits.

As we look to the future and are hopeful for positive changes to bring us to a point where our team is back on site at socially distanced activations, which will be the new normal for a while, we will be constantly working alongside our clients to create a safe and positive working atmosphere for all brand ambassadors.

In the period of time until we get to that point, it is a great time to update your file with us. If you do not yet have an alcohol handling certification or food handling certification (exact names vary per state/province so ask us if you have any questions), and currently have some extra free time, now is the time to acquire it! It is also a great time to provide us with current photos or even take some new photos. Ask a family member or roommate (in order to still remain socially distanced) to take some headshot style photos of you in front of a plain background. Boosting up your profile in this down time will help improve booking processes in the future.

G of G Inc hopes you are all happy, healthy and are enjoying the heat this summer!

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