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A Little Bit of A Different December

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

2020 has been a roller coaster to say the least! While it brought on many unforeseen obstacles, I think we can all say it taught us a lot too. We know that here at G of G Inc, our promo season was heavily impacted, but we want to say a big thank you and send a virtual hug to those who kept in touch, and kept active (as active as they could) with us during this year. For those of you on the roster who we have not been able to work with in a while, thank you too! Those “How are you?” emails and Instagram likes have not gone unnoticed.

At this time, we usually reflect on our most memorable activations of the year, but in true 2020 fashion, things will be a little different this December. We have reached out to our team across North America to see what some of their positive memories of the year were and what 2020 has meant to them!

I am thankful that 2020 gave me the opportunity to spend more time outside, especially with my dog Bianca. I am also thankful that it has given me more time to cook new recipes in the kitchen and focus on my health and fitness.

- Jenn H

New York, New York

This year has been full of unexpected changes but has allowed me to put more time and effort towards the more important things in my life. Setting personal goals, learning new skills, and practising old ones that got put on the back burner from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Always having time to stay active, go outdoors, and have those hour-long phone calls with friends and family are things that have become the norm and for that I am thankful. - Megan R

Pickering, ON

This year has obviously been different for many including myself. Now that I am not working a million events and constantly on the go, I have pursued my passion and started taking online nutrition courses. I also wanted to give back to the community and started volunteering at Home Fur Good Animal Rescue. I am super thankful for my health and for the extra time to do things that bring me joy! I have also started a side business with my boyfriend, and we are selling electric scooters! BEEP BEEP!

-Gabriela M

Scottsdale, AZ

2020 was a year of changes! My boyfriend and I purchased our dream loft and adopted the newest and cutest dog member of our family - Lillie! This year was full of restrictions, cancelled plans and lack lustre summer of live music, but it brought me closer with my loved ones, was an opportunity to focus on achieving personal goals and gave me the chance to slow down and put things into perspective on what is truly important in life! - Emily C

Toronto, ON

I loved being able to watch football on Sundays, and working with Draft Kings and G of G Inc for football Sundays.

- Chelsea R

Pittsburgh, PA

I am completing a variety of Project Management classes since I have worked as an assistant project manager in event marketing for over 5yrs. I am excited to take the test in the upcoming months and am eager to pursue PM opportunities, as I elevate and enhance my skills.

- Aziza W

San Francisco, CA

One of my main highlights of this year was having time to focus on my well being and doing the hobbies I would not normally have time for.

- Erin Z

Las Vegas, NV

Working for G of G Inc and representing Draft Kings has been one of my favorite experiences in the promotional industry. Working at all the local Pittsburgh bars has been a blast, but my favorite two events have definitely been the Pittsburgh Beer Fest and the Pittsburgh Auto Show!

- Kristijan B

Penascola, FL

With December upon us, we want to wish everyone a happy holiday season and a safe and healthy New Year!

Keep smiling, keep in touch, and keep going!

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