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Lamborghini Love

There are so many aspects to executing the best event, and we want our clients to worry about the big picture, not the small details. That is why hire many different roles to fill an experiential event. There is no request for staff that is out of our reach.

Recently, Lamborghini Lounge had the most amazing art pop up in New York. For 60 years Lamborghini has been inspired by the notion of driving humans beyond which has led to its innovative designs that are always ahead of their time. The brand has become larger than life and a source of inspiration to artists and creators who interpret the brand’s meaning through their own unique expression. In this Art Exhibition we celebrated 60 years of Lamborghini inspiration with once-in-a-lifetime experiences and dealership art collections that taste-makers, owners, media, dealers, and car enthusiasts did not want to miss.

This one-of-a-kind exhibit featured a selection of artwork commissioned by Automobili Lamborghini America Dealers in celebrating their 60th year anniversary. Each piece took its inspiration from the legendary aura of the people and machines that, together, changed the course of automotive history. Some of the notable artists that were apart of this were Alexander Mijares, that has his work displayed in Miami at the Lamborghini dealership, Chris Derubeis, that has his work displayed in the Newport Beach Lamborghini dealership, and King Saladeen, who has his work displayed in the Philadelphia Lamborghini dealership.

What did we do at the event? Well, what is an art exhibit without a gallerist? Our gallerists have an extensive background in art and were able to speak about the 19 + pieces as well as the immersive experience. It was important for our client that the exhibit serves as a testament to the fusion of artistic expression and automotive innovation, capturing the spirit of Lamborghini's extraordinary journey over six decades.

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