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Everything PRIDE

G of G Inc is fortunate enough to be able to celebrate PRIDE with our clients all year round, but June is always the biggest party. This June we were apart of so many amazing PRIDE events. Some highlights were:

HBO Max’s Human By Orientation Pitchfork x Them's "Night Out" in Queens, NY. At this activation we hired brand ambassadors, photographers, and videographers. The brand ambassadors greeted guests and managed queues, monitored the photo moments and giveaway distribution, and provided general show and partner product information. This was the first ever Max Lounge which was a space for attendees to engage with memorable Max moments and take home some swag. The photo moments included:

· Carrie Bradshaw’s steps from And Just Like That Place. Guests took pictures either sitting or walking up the front steps.

· Trixie’s Motel helped guests transport to a relaxing Palm Springs vacation in a Trixie Motel-themed photo moment.

· The Last Of Us fungus-infected zombie-like entity straight from the dystopian The Last of Us universe.

What was our favorite part of this activation? The White Lotus themed bucket hats our BA’s were giving out as swag that said “These gays! They’re trying to murder me!”

In addition to this one-of-a-kind event in New York, our other head office hometown had some amazing events too. Our Jack Daniel’s sampling team was stationed at Green Space Festival in Toronto. This event hosts DJs, performers, drag queen royalty and the funds raised during this event are used to support programs at The 519 (an LGBTQ2S community center) all year long.

Interested in joining the roster to work positive and impactful events like these? Check out Apply Now | G of G Inc.

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