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What Exactly is a BA?

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Let's talk Brand Ambassadors!

Have you ever wondered how people you interact with at events get that job? Working outdoors at a food festival in the sun, or sampling sparkling wine to shoppers, or even rubbing shoulders with celebs at TIFF. That seems like a job I can get onboard with! Well, more often than not, these people are brand ambassadors!

What is a brand ambassador?

A brand ambassador represents a brand or a company, in a public setting, where they increase brand awareness through positive interaction. Armed with company or product knowledge, they present as a mini expert while on site for this particular activation. You will find brand ambassadors at various experiential marketing activities including tradeshows, sporting events, concerts, retail settings, street teams, food and beverage venues, and more!

There are a few key traits and expectations that go hand in hand with being an all-star brand ambassador. Some of the things our team and our clients are looking for are listed below:

Read and repeat: This applies to the application process (does the post ask for a blurb or extra certification), the booking process (respond back with certain paperwork signed or a confirmation), the invoicing process, and of course reviewing your booking details/studying your training material.

Be prepared:  Check the weather, the traffic, parking options, and the booking email again (you might have missed a detail asking for a certain shoe or lipstick colour!). Check to make sure your alarm will go off, and also your shopping list if applicable.

Be flexible: If you are experienced in this industry you will know that the ability to go with the flow will get you very far. Being flexible, offering to help out, and taking direction well (even if different than originally expected) will be a great asset. Client’s will always remember the work that wasn’t done, or what was complained about while being done. Sometimes cleaning up the booth footprint might not have been in your list of duties but teamwork makes the dreamwork and hard work does not go unnoticed.

Communicate: Check in with contacts, ask questions, provide us with feedback, keep us in the loop (running late or lost). Whatever it is, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Check your appearance: Be sure you are representing our team and client as best you can. Brush your hair and style it – be presentable. Make sure your clothes are pressed and presentable. If you are given a uniform or asked to bring uniform pieces, be sure to add that to your look.

Remember where you are: When you are dressed in your uniform or clocked in for a shift, you are an extension of the brand being represented. Whether that means on break, while interacting with external staff helping you (for example a tear down crew at a tradeshow or the manager helping with your bar sampling), or with guests interacting with your display.

MOST OF ALL HAVE FUN! Don’t get discouraged if you are the recipient of a number of no’s – keep at it so your next YES feels that much more rewarding.

We would love hear what you feel works to make yourself stand out! Leave us a message in the comments below on any awesome traits and skills you and your crew of brand ambassadors love to bring to each of your bookings.

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